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Jane Publiq

I have represented successful buyers and sellers in Mytown for nine years.


The DP Team

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Phone: 000-555-3750

SMS: (000) 555-3750

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4 client testimonials

Wow! Such diligent teamwork in helping my spouse and I find a home to meet our special ADU requirements for extended family!

—from Arnold, March, 2017

I was referred to Jane and her team by my co-worker who sold his home far more quickly (and at a better price) than he had anticipated. Before the listing went live, Jane gave me her top-five suggestions for things we could do to make the home more attractive to buyers. We just closed the sale, having received a solid offer within weeks.

—from Tim, March, 2017

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly Jane was able to bring in multiple offers. Her advice regarding some pre-sale touchup around the home was impeccable.

—from Rhonda, March, 2017

Jane helped my family find exactly the right homeI. Her knowledge of the market is extremely good. And when we'd narrowed it down to a couple of choices, Jane was able to point out some important pros and cons to help us make an informed final decision.

—from Sam, March, 2017
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