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John Doe

I've been helping clients find their perfect homes for 15 years.


The DP Team

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Phone: 000-555-9222

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10 client testimonials

Our family was in somewhat of a rush situation to find a home and John made our transition really easy. He was very flexible and knowledgeable, and being born and raised in Mytown, it was nice to talk with him about what each neighborhood had to offer. I was also very impressed as we bought a new home how he was easily able to work with the builder and other contractors about any issues that we had.

—from Ralph & Betty, March, 2017

He was professional, detailed and answered all our concerns in a timely manner. From pricing our home to signing the closing documents, everything went smooth. We have purchased and sold a few homes over the years and this was by far, the best experience we’ve ever had.

—from Kelsey, March, 2017

Thanks so much for selling our home. I really felt like I was getting good advice for you and never felt that you had anything but our best interest are heart. As a matter of fact, I’ve already recommended you to a neighbor in Mytown. Thanks for Everything.

—from Susan, March, 2017

My experience with the DP team, specifically my listing agent John Doe, was very positive. Over the years, I have purchased and sold six homes and never experienced the level of professionalism with any other agents that I received from the DP Team. From the top quality of the listing photos and the overall advertising in the promotion of my home, to the day of closing, I could not have asked for more. I know that my decision to use your team was a very good one.

—from Jan, March, 2017

We wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone seeking to buy or sell property in Mytown. Our experience with him and his team was nothing short of amazing.

—from Chuck & Sue, March, 2017

John possesses strong organizational and communication skills, has a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration. In the area of Real Estate, he is an effective negotiator; he clearly communicates expectations, has sound judgment and is incredibly reliable.

—from Tommy, March, 2017

We have worked with several real estate agents at various times. John and Jane's services were head and shoulders above any other real estate professional with whom we have ever worked. They are honest, strategic, unbelievably patient, and utterly professional. John and Jane both also understands the Mytown market exceedingly well.

—from George & Jean, March, 2017

John and his team are very diligent and knowledgeable. His integrity is beyond reproach and I am always pleased to refer him to friends and family, who have been pleased with his competence and congenial nature in a very competitive market.

—from Paula, March, 2017

As a first-time home buyer, I found John's patient, helpful guidance to be invaluable. Even after I asked him to take me back to the same home (not even the one I purchased) for a fourth time, John was unfailingly cheerful and helpful. And when it came to the negotiation he got the seller to meet our desired price even in a market where multiple offers are not unheard of.

—from Jack, March, 2017

I expect Doe-Publiq team is my real estate partner for life. They work hard, and smart, and have helped me close multiple transactions (both buying and selling) with a minimum of stress.

—from Wendy, March, 2017
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