It's remarkably simple to add more millennial & online‑savvy clients to your sphere.

They are 3.2 times more likely to select an agent who offers an online list of recommended local home improvement providers.

And they are twice as likely to seek home-improvement advice from a real estate professional. see article excerpts

Since you know what they're looking for in an agent… like this book says, “to catch a mouse, make a noise like a cheese.”

You've already got what they're actively looking for.

As a local real estate expert, you know some great local service providers… painters, handymen, etc.

So publish your own list.

Referralista makes it super-simple. And your recommended provider list is a superb way to highlight your local expertise…

When millennials surveyed were asked WHY they said they're more likely to select an agent who publishes online recommendations for home improvement providers, their responses included:

"I prefer people who look comfortable with the long game"
"I suppose it just conveys professionalism. Like this person identified a common thing home buyers do and made an effort to make that process easier."
"They seem more conscientious and focused on helping people"
"it's almost inconceivable I'd use [an agent without a referral directory]"
"It's a good value added."
"To most buyers I believe it's huge."

Jem, one of our support staff millennials, suggesting you use Referralista to turn that big ball o' recommended providers you know into your own mobile‑friendly directory online – where it can help you attract new clients

You'll Become “the Pro they Know.”

From painters to electricians to gardeners, prospective buyers and sellers appreciate and trust recommendations from a knowledgeable real estate pro. It's a great way to engage new prospects.

BTW, you'll cultivate more business owners, too

Referralista actively reminds each business owner you recommend that you're in their corner.

And business owners are among the most sought-after clients, since they often buy and sell top-tier homes.

The cherry on top: we also give your current clients an easier way to publicly recommend you

Testimonials sell, so your current clients can easily submit testimonials for you to review and publish right onto your existing web pages.

Easier, Smarter Lead-gen that works for you 24x7.

Referralista collects & showcases your glowing client testimonials. And it collects & shares your service provider knowledge with an online‑savvy public grown wary of anonymous and fake reviews.

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