The best agents have more social weight

When selecting an agent, millennials and other online‑savvy buyers/sellers select an agent whose online social presence demonstrates deep local expertise. An agent who doesn't just ask for referrals, but who earns them by making their own helpful local referrals.

In fact, millennials are twice as likely to seek home improvement advice from a real estate agent. And are 3.2 times more likely to select an agent who publishes their home improvement referrals online.

We help exceptional real estate pros – the folks who really know homes inside out – share their recommended service provider list.

Which connects leading agents to the very people who need them most… people planning to fix up their home.

Better Recommendations,
Better Social Reputation,
Better Leads.

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When looking for a painter, handyman, etc., one thing millennials, X's, and boomers agree upon: a {real} recommendation from a real estate pro outweighs anonymous posts like you'll find on Angie's List®.

It starts with a simple Thumbs Up.