Besides the added revenue, 5 more ways your office benefits from giving all your agents this “lead-gen express lane” to millennials & online‑savvy clients

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1 Recruit engagement When recruiting new agents, a unique (and super-simple to use) lead-gen tool differentiates you from the crowd.

2 Business owner engagement Forging new referral relationships with a wide group of top-tier local business owners moves your average transaction size upward.

3 Website engagement As your agents build their online and offline reputations as unusually helpful and experienced real estate pros in the community, so do you. Our exclusive brokerage 'widget' rolls all your agents' recommendations into a branded 'find a great provider' feature on your website(s).

4 Social engagement The built-in testimonial and social-promotion system helps your agents leverage their greatest asset: their existing customers' social circles.

5 Career engagement It's a practical addition to the career development tools that your existing and prospective agents value and appreciate.

What it looks like on your website

Broker list example

What it looks like on your website

All of your agents' service provider recommendations get automatically rolled up into an interactive Recommended Provider List that you can insert onto any page of your website (and match your website's color theme).

Broker list example
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(And, just to be safe, times being what they are, the recommendations are not visible until after the viewer agrees you have no liability should things go sideways between the homeowner and the service provider.)

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