Why let Angie's List® etc., have all those leads from homeowners/homebuyers?

Easily host your own Provider Referral Directory lead-gen tool

Office-wide GOLD Pack
10 agent minimum

Enroll your real estate agents in GOLD accounts with unlimited recommendations and testimonials, personal webpage add-ons, and social sharing.

  • Boost your brokerage's website engagement and SEO with your interactive, broker-branded “Recommended Providers Directory” add-on for your Brokerage website!
    Get continually-updated new content added to your own interactive Recommended Provider Directory, comprised of all your agents' recommendations, on your brokerage website(s).
  • ALL your agents can create & publish unlimited recommendations to their Referralista profile, their personal webpages, AND to your brokerage website (see above)
  • ALL your agents can collect & publish unlimited testimonials to their Referralista profile, their personal webpages, AND to your brokerage website (see above)
  • Consolidated billing to single credit card for a 75% discount is a PREMIUM agent recruitment/ retention benefit at a rock-bottom price!
  • "Back-out" provision for inactive agents. Individual agent accounts can be downgraded by you to Silver* (free) without penalty at any time. For example, you might provide an ongoing Gold benefit only to agents who create at least 15 recommendations within the first 3 months. (The 10 agent minimum is only for the initial setup; there is no minimum participation required going forward.)
Solo-Agent GOLD
Agent or Team self-pay

Single GOLD account for one real estate agent, or up to 10 agents dba a single team name.

  • Enhanced Social sharing – easily share your recommendations to Facebook, Twitter, etc. to boost your social network reach!
  • Publish unlimited recommendations
  • Collect & publish unlimited testimonials
  • Boost your personal/team webpage SEO with the personal webpage add-on
    Automatically display your recommendations and/or testimonials on any/all of your webpages, fresh new content that boosts your webpage engagement and SEO
  • Simple month-to-month billing to credit card. Downgrade to Silver* (free) or cancel at any time.

FAQ/Demo Details for Agents Details for Brokers

Simple month-to-month. There is no contract and a simple monthly term, you simply pre-pay the then-current subscription rate each month you use the service. We will provide at least 45 days' prior notice of any subscription rate increases via email.

No-hassle cancellation or downgrade. To terminate your account, simply click 'close account' or 'downgrade account' on your account profile page. The account will remain as-is until the end of the current billing period, plus a 10 day grace period, so you have plenty of time to download all your recommendations and testimonials, which you're free to continue using however you wish.

Email Privacy. We do not provide the email addresses of account holders to any third parties, except of course for displaying the "email me" feature on their public Referralista page, which is done ONLY when that setting is turned ON by the account holder. (It is off by default.) To view our full privacy policy, click the Privacy link at the bottom of the page.

* Silver vs Gold. The Silver plan permits agents to collect and publish up to 30 recommendations and testimonials to their Referralista profile, but does not support enhanced social sharing or automatically publishing recommendations and testimonials to their personal web pages.